Porto Fashion Night Out & RCC – PFNO & Porto Fashion Week

Porto Fashion Night Out was held on the 1st of October.

Organized by Modtissimo during its 46th Edition, The event happened on the scope of Porto Fashion Week.

RCC was invited to participate in the 1st Edition of Porto Fashion Night Out and the idea was based on Vogue Fashion Night Out.

This event began in 2009, in New York, and in 2010 was expanded to 23 different cities in 19 different markets such as Shanghai, Sydney, São Paulo, Moscow, London,  Madrid, Lisbon,  Dusseldorf, Tokyo, México City, Milan, Bangkok, Seoul.

Vogue Fashion Night Out is an event,  to restore consumer confidence and to boost the industry’s economy, by Vogue Magazine.

Vogue is a well-known fashion magazine is published since 1892 by  Condé Nast Publications in 23different countries.

Tourism has been growing  strongly in Porto in  the last few years and there hasn’t been  an event like this. Modtissimo’s idea was to try and organizing an event that would invite a lot of people to Porto’s downtown to celebrate fashion and have fun, while shopping with amazing discounts.

Along with RCC, 32 other stores took part on this amazing Night Out with music, discounts, drinks and much more.

Porto Fashion Night Out’s 1st Edition showed to be a successful event. It will definitely be a bigger success next year.

TV Show What’s up featuring RCC @ RTP2

Last month RCC was invited to be a part of a TV show hosted by RTP2 about Portuguese fashion and lifestyle.

The Show is aired in several channels like RTP Informação, RTP África, RTP Internacional, RTP Madeira and RTP Açores.

The interview is divided in a part about the company and another part about RCC’s MTM Service.

RCC’s MTM Service runs right on the clock, for 3 years in 3 different continents.

The delivery date is 10 working days after order and can be shipped to anywhere in the world. Regarding the price, it only varies with the fabric cost.

The styling of the shirt does not affect the final price, including personalized embroidery and beautiful boxed packaging.

The customization level is great since we offer various choices such as: 16 different collar to choose from, 9 cuffs, more than 800 fabrics, as well as 32 different colors you can chose for your embroidery or to the stitching thread.

Alongside with RCC Porto Flagship Store, RCC has an Online Store called “Create your Shirt”.

“Create your Shirt” works as well as the store and gives you the possibility to order some shirts while on an airport, waiting for your flight.

The TV Show explains the dream behind RCC Semi Bespoke service, and the online platform that they have been developing for the last 3 years.

The interview is in Portuguese and can be watched here, after minute 22:10.


Opening Soon

Our flagship store will be one of a kind, boasting a unique concept and vision and dedicated exclusively to Made to Measure shirts. Located in the heart of Porto’s historical centre, we aim to deliver a truly unique experience by allowing customers to be part of the design process, learn more about shirtmaking and bring to life their own creations.

Porto: European Best Destination 2014

We’re proud to announce that Porto has been selected once again as European Best Destination!

This time around, it stood proud against other 19 strong competitors including London,Milan, Rome, Barcelona, Paris or Berlin. If you still haven’t got a chance to visit our beautiful city, now is the time.

One Big Family

At RCC, we believe that the premium quality of our shirts is only achieved through synchronized teamwork and a shared vision and passion for the art of shirtmaking. Everyone plays a crucial role in the outcome of our shirts, providing unique expertise and valuable inputs gathered over 30 years of experience in the industry. In the end, we are just one big family.

Choosing the Right Collar

The collar is undoubtedly one of the most important components on a dress shirt: besides being visible at all times, it portrays a great part of the shirt’s essence, be it more formal or casual.

Although the range of available alternatives is almost neverending and dependant mostly on personal style, we believe that there are a few basic essentials that should be in every man’s wardrobe. That being said, at RCC we are always attentive to the latest trends in order to deliver a comprehensive assortment able to suit most styles: from casual, to business or fashionable.

RCC @ Porto Fashion Week

Last week Porto hosted yet another edition of the Porto Fashion Week, one of the city’s most important events in what regards fashion and the textile business.

Incorporating both fairs, such as the renowned Modtíssimo, as well as several events throughout the city, RCC was honored to earn its place within the week’s final Runway Show.

Flagship Store Now Open!

We are proud to announce that our first flagship store is now up and running! Enjoying a privileged location in Porto’s historical city center, the space focus on delivering customers the ultimate shirting experience.

By browsing our vast fabric library and different shirt components, our clients become integrated in the creative process: they become designers. Come and visit us we would love to have you over!