Options for Registering Measurements

We have established a unique made-to-measure platform, aimed at delivering you the ultimate shirting experience. To do so, we develop a unique pattern of your body that will be carefully stored in our library forever, unless you wish to alter it in some way. This pattern is made especially for you according to the specified body/shirt measurements and will be the basis for your customized shirt. Only with this sort of commitment and dedication is it possible to produce a premium shirt and guarantee your utmost satisfaction.

Due to all the resources involved in crafting this unique pattern, we only undergo its production upon purchase.

If this is your first made-to-measure shirt or you are new to the process of taking measurements we recommend you choose option 2. Doing so will allow you to choose your best fitting shirt and easily take the shirt measurements; then all you have to do is compare those measures to our standard tables below, choose the closest size and adjust it to your preference.

On the other hand, if you are well acquainted with the made-to-measure process or already know your body measurements, we recommend you choose option 3.