“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm…”

Enthusiasm for the art, craftsmanship, manufacturing process and most of all, enthusiasm for creating the ultimate luxury shirt. We have been premium shirtmakers for over 30 years, delivering an experience of distinction and quality, based on years of know-how and passion for our heritage and tradition.

This ever going quest for perfection and excellency, visible in each of our shirts, has allowed us to work with some of the world’s most renowned brands and fabric suppliers. Believing that confidentiality and discretion are key, we have established long lasting business relations with our partners, some of which for more than 15 years.


RCC shirts combine the best fabrics and materials with state-of-the-art development processes and the irreplaceable touch of skilled craftsmen. Our fabrics are sourced from the world’s leading mills, an unmistakable quality assurance that only the very best make it to our production.

GRITTI provides us with a never ending array of button possibilities, from luxury mother-of-pearl to natural horn or bone, whereas WENDLER assures our outstanding interlinings.

Every shirt we produce undergoes thorough quality control by experienced professionals, from development to production, to ensure a premium final product. All our shirts are hand-finished and we provide several options such as overdyeing, tie and dye, placed hand-grinding, worn-out effects, printing, embroidery and non-fused or stitch less collars. Split yokes, perfectly lined weaving rapports and 8 stitches per cm, some of the defining traits of luxury shirts, are the basic standard of an RCC shirt.


With a well-established team of highly specialized professionals in the art of shirtmaking, we are able to deliver the highest levels of service to our clients. Either in a Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer approach, we have developed well articulated platforms to better suit and accommodate your every need.

We are currently offering a custom Made-to-Measure service, available to both clients and partners worldwide, with an estimated delivery time of 10 working days. In order to comply with the highest quality standards, our Made-to-Measure (MTM) line resorts only to Thomas Mason Bespoke fabrics, some of the finest in the world.

We believe our shirts are quite unique, exuding a perfect mix of timeless elegance and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, resulting in a high-end product valued by handcraft, attention to detail and combined years of experience. As such, we are able to meet the demands of a wide client spectrum while maintaining our excellency standards and delivering luxury understated elegance.