Although the process of having a shirt custom made to your liking is a unique experience, only fully appreciated in person, we wanted the RCC online shop to pass on some of the magic behind it. We aim to provide you a pleasant shopping experience, by making navigation intuitive and allowing for easy customization of your Made-to-Measure shirt. As the range of available fabrics is that of Thomas Mason Bespoke, considered by many the best in the world, we are handicapped by the fact that you can’t get a feel of these luxurious fabrics and their natural beauty cannot be accurately reproduced on a computer screen.

Nonetheless, our customization platform allows you to create your own shirt by choosing from a range of 800 unique fabrics, 10 different collars and cuff models, 3 types of fit, contrasting elements and threads and several embroidery options. Sizing can be done either by introducing each of the required measurements or by selecting a standard size from the available set and tweaking it to your liking.

After placing an order your shirt will be ready for shipment in about 10 working days.