Porto Fashion Night Out & RCC – PFNO & Porto Fashion Week

Porto Fashion Night Out was held on the 1st of October.

Organized by Modtissimo during its 46th Edition, The event happened on the scope of Porto Fashion Week.

RCC was invited to participate in the 1st Edition of Porto Fashion Night Out and the idea was based on Vogue Fashion Night Out.

This event began in 2009, in New York, and in 2010 was expanded to 23 different cities in 19 different markets such as Shanghai, Sydney, São Paulo, Moscow, London,  Madrid, Lisbon,  Dusseldorf, Tokyo, México City, Milan, Bangkok, Seoul.

Vogue Fashion Night Out is an event,  to restore consumer confidence and to boost the industry’s economy, by Vogue Magazine.

Vogue is a well-known fashion magazine is published since 1892 by  Condé Nast Publications in 23different countries.

Tourism has been growing  strongly in Porto in  the last few years and there hasn’t been  an event like this. Modtissimo’s idea was to try and organizing an event that would invite a lot of people to Porto’s downtown to celebrate fashion and have fun, while shopping with amazing discounts.

Along with RCC, 32 other stores took part on this amazing Night Out with music, discounts, drinks and much more.

Porto Fashion Night Out’s 1st Edition showed to be a successful event. It will definitely be a bigger success next year.